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Founded in 2013, Great Multi Services (GMS) embarked on a journey focused on providing unwavering assistance to clients with their health insurance needs. As our expertise evolved, so did our services, encompassing taxes and Medicare, ensuring expert guidance in financial matters. Our commitment to clients led to significant growth, augmented by the valuable additions of Marisa and Wendy to our team.

From tailored health insurance solutions to seasoned income tax guidance, GMS offers a personalized approach that transcends complexities. Our dedication remains steadfast, aiming to provide accessible and affordable coverage for all ages. Whether navigating Medicare intricacies or engaging with Obamacare, we’re here to ensure health insurance plans and tax services cater to individual needs.
Recognizing health insurance’s crucial role, we safeguard you and your loved ones from unforeseen financial strains. Our plans extend vital coverage during emergencies and doctor’s visits, as well as proactive management of preexisting conditions. Affordable prescription medications and preventive health services are part of our comprehensive offering, promoting well-being while curbing healthcare costs.
With expertise in Obamacare and Medicare, we provide comprehensive coverage for individuals, families, and clients aged 65 and beyond. With our guidance, you’ll find an insurance plan perfectly aligned with your needs and budget, ensuring unwavering protection during health challenges.
At GMS, we stay current with the evolving healthcare market. Our dedicated team keeps track of healthcare nuances, providing you with up-to-date insights. We equip you with information about current options and anticipated changes, empowering informed decisions for your healthcare and financial security.

Meet Our Team!

Juan Luis Macedo

RE Broker
Loan Officer

He is the energetic, enthusiastic personality behind Great Multi Services (GMS). As an Agent/Owner of a very close and loving family-oriented insurance agency, he and his team make sure all clients have the best life and health insurance. He has also implemented other services like Medicare, Final Expense, Income Tax, and annuity to help and protect the community we gladly serve.

Marisa Macedo

Insurance Agent
Tax Preparer

Understands the Insurance Marketplace and staying up to date is her best attribute. She knows the importance of making sure clients get the best coverage. A participant team player in an efficient and successful office environment.

Wendy Bazan

Insurance Specialist
Tax Preparer

With more than 5 years of experience and extensive knowledge in the industry, she ensures each individual gets the best health insurance coverage. Hundreds of families now understand their health insurance and the benefits that come with the plan.

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